How to make friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

This is why you can't make friends

If your problem is that you don't have many close friends or that you don't have friends at all then there must be another reason that is preventing you from approaching people.

One of the biggest mistakes people who want to make friends make is that they never look for the underlying reasons that hold them back and so always find it hard to make friends.

If for example you lack the self confidence Required to approach people or if you have formed some limiting beliefs about yourself such as believing that you a loser or a boring person then certainly these factors will prevent you from making friends.

Shyness is also another barrier to a successful social life. If you are a shy person then know that before you deal with your shyness making friends might be a hard task.

The best thing you can do to help yourself in such a case is to try to solve these problems and after you succeed in doing so making friends will become an easy task.

How to make friends

The best way to make friends is just to throw yourself between people until you get used to them. Its like jumping in the sea in order to learn how to swim but the good news is that you can't drown this time.

Out of the fear of failure many people never manage to take this step and so they remain without friends forever.

Moreover some people start to use self deception techniques in order to feel good about themselves and to protect their egos. Its not uncommon for a person who don't know how to make friends to turn into a workaholic. By doing so the person doesn't only deceive the people around him but he also deceives himself when he believes in the lie that he has created.

That person then claims that he can't make friends because he is too busy working while in fact he just wants to escape from reality.

You can make friends !!

Long ago i used to be very shy, i had no friends and almost no social life except for very few close friends. I personally never imagined that one day i would not just become a popular person but someone who gives public speeches about self confidence and motivation.

The moral of this true story is not to show off but to encourage you!! Even if you currently think that you are a complete loser you can learn all the social skills you need until you become able to make friends and even be popular among them.

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