Loneliness and Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Valentine’s Day Approaching

The 14th of February is approaching and most of your friends are probably busy shopping for gifts for their relationship partners. Everyone is thinking how to make it the best valentine’s ever, how to really make it a day to remember except you because you are spending the Valentine’s day alone!!

Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Whether you broke up with your partner or whether you are single the result will be same, you will be spending the Valentine’s Day alone.

Do you feel bad?
Do you want to hide on that day so that no one knows that you will spend it alone?

If your answers were yes then most probably you are not aware of the following facts:

Feeling Bad on Valentine’s Day and Lack of Self-confidence

One of the facts that most people are unaware of is that they feel bad when being alone on the Valentine’s Day not because of loneliness but because they connect being alone on that day to being worthless or unimportant.

As you can see it’s just a matter of self-confidence. If you were truly a confident person you would have never felt that bad on the Valentine's Day. Yes You may feel bored but you wouldn't feel down or worthless if you were sure that you can find someone who loves you one day.

Another important point that is also related to lack of self-confidence is thinking that you are different than others. If you think that possessing something determines whether you are worthy or not (in this case its the relationship or someone who loves you back) then certainly you will feel bad on that day if you were single.

If that's your way of thinking then you will have a yoyo-like self-confidence. Whenever external conditions become good you will feel confident and whenever bad things happen you will lose this confidence.

What to Do Now?

The following are actions you should take in order to feel good on the Valentines Day and in order not to spend the next one alone:

  • Learn about the "psychology of falling in love": by getting a good understanding of the psychology of falling in love you will know that being single doesn't mean that you are bad or inadequate. Make sure you visit the psychology of falling in love section before the next Valentine's Day.
  • Build your self-confidence: building self-confidence will not only make you happier and more successful but it will also prevent you from feeling bad if you had to spend the Valentine’s Day alone.
  • Deal with your other personal problems: if you are shy, if you think that you are ugly or if you have any other issue that may be preventing you from getting into a relationship then its time to fix this issue. There might be is a root cause to your loneliness and unless you deal with it you will still be alone on the next Valentine’s Day .

Final Words on Being Alone on the Valentine’s Day

Know that what you have or the things that you possess does not define who you are. If you currently don’t have a loving partner then this doesn’t mean that you are bad, worthless or different in a bad way.

It just means that you haven't found the suitable person yet. Be yourself and don’t let something like this shake your self-confidence.

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