Loneliness and Interest

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Loneliness and interest in people

If you have already did all the tips in my previous article overcoming loneliness and still you feel lonely then your problem may be a little different.

There is a possibility that the people you know are not of a great interest to you.
If you are not interested in the people you know even if you know lots of people then you might feel lonely as well. This is a very common problem that causes loneliness to many people.

How to overcome loneliness in this case?

The solution to this problem is simple. you just need to become aware of the type of people that you enjoy being with.

Find out the people that you enjoy spending your time with and based on these findings you can come up with the criteria you are looking for. Try to expand your social relations in the right direction that allows you to know more of those people you are interested in.

loneliness and shared interest

A person can hardly feel lonely when being with someone who shares his same interests. The same goes For groups, friends become friends because of many reasons and one of them is having common interests.

Try to expand your social relations in a direction that will allow you to meet people who have your same interests and as a result your loneliness will be reduced.

loneliness and the power of solitude

Another thing you can do to combat loneliness is developing
the power of solitude. The power of solitude is the ability to feel good and happy when being alone.

I dont encourage being alone at all but i encourage building the power of solitude in addition to your efforts in dealing with loneliness.

Loss of interest and self deception

Sometimes the mind uses neat self deception tips in order to let the person feel good about himself. If your subconscious mind believed that you can't socialize or if it believed that socializing will affect your self esteem negatively it might make you believe that you lost interest in people!

By doing so your subconscious mind will insure that you will blame this loss of interest instead of blaming your ability to socialize!

In many of my articles i said how you should educate yourself to become aware of the techniques your subconscious mind uses to deceive you in order to get a better self understanding. (see also The psychology of self deception)

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