Feeling lonely even when being with other People

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Will They Like It?

10 am: Adam met his friends in college. they were talking about various topics and although he wanted to talk, Adam was too shy to join the conversation. He just thought that they might not like the topic.

2 pm: Adam was having lunch with one of his friends. At one point, Adam considered talking about yesterday's soccer match but he then decided not to do so because he thought that his friend might not be interested in that topic.

6 pm: Adam was back home. Although he had lots of problems with his friends, he didn’t share them with his parents and just went to his room.

Adam suffers from severe loneliness even though he has lots of friends. He is really wondering why he feels lonely even though he has friends!!

Adam does not share his interests, emotions and feelings with anyone at all and keeps them to himself and this is why he feels lonely even when he is surrounded by people.

Loneliness and depression

Lack of intimacy can be one of the strong factors that causes depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how suppressed emotions can accumulate until they cause severe depression. Talking to intimate friends is one of the healthiest methods you can use to channel your suppressed emotions and to ease your pain.

However, if you only had superficial relationship with your friends then most probably your suppressed emotions will increase and you might end up depressed.

Loneliness and Sharing Your Interests, Ideas and Emotions

Loneliness is not just the state of being alone but it’s the feeling that you are alone. You may have lots of friends yet still find yourself feeling lonely because you keep your emotions, ideas and interests to yourself.

If you try to choose a topic that others would like to talk about instead of choosing what you really want to talk about then you will feel lonely too. Whether it's shyness, lack of self-confidence or any other factor that makes you act this way the result will be the same, you will end up feeling lonely even if you were surrounded by people.

If you are serious about overcoming loneliness then learn how to share your experiences, emotions, stories and interests with others. Choose the topic you want to talk about instead of choosing what others want to hear.

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