How to tell if someone is Serious about the Relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Signs of a Serious Relationship

A serious relationship is characterized by the intention of the couple involved to keep the relationship going on as long as they live. If one of them thinks of the relationship as a temporary method to spend up time then its not a serious relationship.

When someone is not serious about a relationship it is usually reflected in his behavior and in other signs. The aim of this article is to inform you about the signs of serious relationships so that you can tell whether someone is serious or whether he is playing around.

How to tell if He/She is serious about the Relationship

The following signs can help you tell if someone is serious about a relationship, however, finding one or two of these signs is not a guarantee of the seriousness. In order to avoid trouble you should see at least three of these signs and in addition you should only use these signs for decision support and not for decision making.

  • Long term Plans: Another strong sign of serious relationships is the presence of long term plans. The more serious the relationship is the more will the person think about the future and the more will he plan ahead, on the other hand, the more the relationship lacks seriousness the more will the person focus on short term pleasure and short term satisfaction. (see also Why men cheat in relationships)
  • Is it Real Love? If he is not serious about the relationship its probably because he doesn’t love you. Contrary to common beliefs, knowing whether someone loves you or not can be known in thirty minutes on the first meeting with him after reading this article
  • Meet the parents: One of the Signs that could show that a person is serious about a relationship is introducing you to his parents. Although this sign doesn’t guarantee that he is serious still it can be a strong indication of seriousness if it was combined with other signs.
  • Calling Often: When a guy is not serious about a relationship he will usually call you whenever he wants to hang out or whenever he wants something from you. Apart from that he will ignore you and may not even answer your calls. See how to deal with worrying when your partner doesn't call
  • Sharing Personal Information: When someone is not serious about a relationship he will usually keep a good distance between you and him. He may not tell you lots of information about himself especially when it comes to personal or private matters
  • Is he Lying?: The best way to know if it’s a serious relationship or not is to ask the person directly then use this article for knowing whether he is lying or not.
  • No mystery surrounding plans: When a person is not serious about a relationship he might not give clear information about his intentions or future plans. For example a person might keep saying conflicting things or might say something then do the opposite. Serious people don't allow this kind of mystery to get into their relationships
  • No excuses: While all people give excuses at some point of their relationships still being not serious about a relationship can result in giving so many excuses instead of taking a direct step and moving forward with the relationship. Yes your partner might have to finish their masters first or get something done but if excuses became too many then they might not be that serious
  • No confusion: When a person seems confused about a relationship know that there is a big possibility that he might not continue. In a previous article i said that we only get confused when we are not 100% convinced with what we have
  • No bad history: If a person had a history of being a player or of being a love addict then this should be considered a warning sign. While people do change still some people could still be bound by who they were. In such a case give the person a chance but also keep your eyes open
  • Mental stability: Many people actually fool others into loving them just because they have some kind of mental instability. Extreme lack of confidence, feeling hated or thinking that oneself is worthless are all things that can motivate a person to fool others into loving them. If the person you are with is mentally stable, to an acceptable extent, then there is a big chance that he is serious about the relationship. See also why players are mentally unstable
  • General honesty: Lying, deception and cheating are usually connected. If a person is generally honest and if he doesn't lie very often then the chance that he is deceiving you is small. See Why people cheat in relationships.

Understand the person's psychology

There are many signs that can tell whether a person is serious or not about a relationship but the ultimate way to find out whether a person is serious or not is to understand his own psychology perfectly.

Once you understand how a person thinks, the things that motivate him and the psychological objectives he has then expecting his next move will be very easy. In a previous article i said that you can actually predict a person's behaviour by just getting enough understanding of the way his mind works.

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