Five Ways to Get to Sleep

Five Ways to Get to Sleep

Sometimes sleep becomes the most difficult thing for you to obtain. If you are running through what happened today and if today was a bad day then you will not find sleep anywhere, even with the Olympian Gods.

But there are a few things that could grow your eyelids heavy and force you into slumber.

The music that you listen to before you sleep can have different effects on you. If you listen to something to dramatic then you will relive the day and you will not end up sleeping because you will keep singing along and imagining the song in the back of your head, comparing it to what happened to you and what you are going to do tomorrow.
So, instead of using the heavy metal and hard rock, you should try listening to some music that will make you sleep. Of course, that is personal and I cannot tell you what to listen to because the music that will make me sleep will, most likely, make someone else wake up. (see also Why do some people like depressing music)

The most common advice everywhere when you find sleep hard is to read a book. But while reading a horror novel, you will feel the desire that you need to continue it because of the thrill. Choose your books wisely, especially the ones you want to read before sleeping.

I would suggest dramatic novels, not ones that would make you live the past or think of the future, but even though you might live those, your sleep will be much easier as your eyes grow heavy from reading. (see also Why you shouldn't believe everything you read)

Most of people would consider this a wrong piece of information, but if you drink an energy drink and decide that you need to go to the gym you will never sleep because your body will be full of energy.

Instead, exercise slowly; work out but not too hard. The slow workout sessions are the ones that make your body feel the desire of resting and as your body would say its word; your mind will have to listen and obey.(see also Muscle building tips)

Yes, writing will always help you sleep, unless, of course, you are writing about fiction because then you will be living your very own creation and you will not find sleep anywhere unless you finish the part you intended to write.

Instead, I would suggest writing in your diary, if you don't have one then you will not find that very interesting but as you write the events of the day before you will keep in mind what you should do tomorrow or who you want to apologize for.(see also Why should you write a plan)

5-Finish something:
Anything works for that. If you have laundry, then go do your laundry because that might be the reason why you are not sleeping. What happens is that your mind works by itself and instead of going to sleep; your mind gets alerted that you have to do something especially the day was not a very successful day.

This has been written by the guest author Amr Abbas.

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