Sleeping style and personality. What does your sleeping style mean

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sleeping style and personality, What does your sleeping style mean

Is there a connection between sleeping style and personality?

If you are a regular reader of 2knowmyself then i am sure that you didn't find that title strange. After all if you can know someone's personality from his face features, body language, musical preference, the way he walks and even his finger ratios then it makes a lot of sense that the sleeping style can tell few things about a person's personality as well.

Your Sleeping style can reveal some of your personality traits in addition to revealing information about the way you deal with life problems. In this article i will tell you how your sleeping style is connected to your personality.

The meaning of sleeping style and its connection to personality

The following are some examples that explain how sleeping styles are connected to personality:

  • Sleeping on your belly: This sleeping style is quite common among stubborn people. After studying psychology i understood that stubborn people are the ones who developed such a trait in order to prevent others from controlling them. The same exactly goes to the sleeping style of a stubborn person. That person sleeps on his belly in order to prevent himself from moving to the sides while he is asleep (yes its another attempt to gain control).
  • Head over the edge: Some people find themselves sleeping with their heads over the edge and as a result they might get a headache in the morning. This sleeping style is associated with people who want to escape from the tasks they have to do in the morning and so their subconscious minds uses such a sleeping style in order to bring them a headache that they can use as an excuse the next day. (see self deception examples)
  • Sleeping on your back: This sleeping style could show that the person is brave. People who have personality traits such as courage might sleep on their backs with their heads facing the ceiling (see What is real courage).
  • Moving a lot while sleeping: The amount of movement that happens during sleep doesn't only tell us about the person's personality but it also tells us whether he is satisfied with his life or not. Usually people who are satisfied with their lives move very little in their beds. This sleeping style is associated with people who want to change their lives to the better
  • Covering your face: Some people sleep with the sheet covering their face. This sleeping style is a reflection of personality traits such as cowardliness and lack of courage. The person in such a case wants to hide from his problems or at least his subconscious mind thinks that by covering his head he can hide
  • Sleeping on your right side: Sleeping on one side is usually an indication of a balanced personality, however,it was found that sleeping on the right side of the body is much healthier because it allows the proper alignment of the organs inside the body

Analysis of sleeping styles and personalities

Why such a relationship exists between sleeping styles and personalities?
According to individual psychology all behaviour that a certain person does helps him move towards a certain purpose.

This means that if a person got used to running from his problems then he will always try to hide and escape whatever the kind of activity he is doing even if this activity was sleeping. (see Escaping from reality)

That's why your sleeping style can tell few things about your personality and your attitude towards solving life problems.

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