Self deception examples

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self deception Psychology

People deceive each other all the time but is there such a thing as self deception?
In fact just like we lie to others and deceive them we do lie to ourselves without noticing.

In our daily lives we come across many examples of self deception but the reason we never notice them is that we got used to deceive ourselves to the extent that we strongly believe that we are right.

Self deception can ruin your life by preventing you from getting in touch with your real problems, that's why i decided to write this article to help you spot these self deception attempts. In this article I will give you different examples of self deception so that you can use them to understand this deadly habit.

Self deception examples

  • Self deception example 1, The monk: I do respect religious people so much but some and not all of them turned to religion in attempt to deceive themselves. When life problems become really tough some people feel like giving up their dreams but because it would feel too shameful to admit it they have to come up with a self deception plan or a lie that they would believe in that can help them escape without blaming themselves. Many people start to think of the after life and claim that they want nothing from this world not because they really want to be religious but because they want to escape as they were defeated
  • Self deception example 2, Travelers: Traveling can be another example of self deception. We all like to travel but some people decide to travel when things go wrong in the town they live in. Those people might have failed to succeed there or might have failed to develop good relationships with the people around them and that's why they decide to escape. But again because escapement feels bad self deception comes to save the day. The person might lie to himself by claiming that he loves to travel while in fact he loves to escape.
  • self deception example 3, The busy man: That's one of the most common self deception examples out there. The person who fails to succeed in a certain area might decide to escape from it by keeping himself busy. Some workaholics became that way because they failed to face social life and so decided to isolate themselves using that brilliant self deception method

Leadership and self deception examples

The novel leadership and self deception gave some examples on how we always deceive ourselves by claiming that we are doing the right thing for the right reason.

Some thieves for example deceive themselves by saying that they steal from rich people who don't give money to the poor. By saying so they justify their actions and protect their egos because otherwise they would have to admit that they are failures who found no better way to bring money but to steal.

Self deception can ruin your life if you didn't spot these attempts at an early stage and did your best to stop them. The examples provided in this article should help you understand self deception psychology so that you can find out your own self deception attempts.

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