Why do i like depressing music

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do i like depressing music

Why do some people like depressing music?
Here in Alexandria ,where i live, depressing music that are related to breakups and the unfairness of life are very popular.

Why would someone listen to music that explains how bad life is??
Before you can understand why some people like depressing music you need to understand few concepts related to music psychology.

Lets suppose that you believed that a certain company provides poor services because you got bad treatment yourself, what will you feel like if i came and told you that this company has really poor service.

Certainly you will like what i said because it matched your belief system, supported your opinion, reduced your guilt for saying bad things about them and made you feel that you are not alone.

So what does this has to do with liking depressing music?

This is why some people like depressing music

People like to be supported and to feel that they are right. Whenever someone builds certain beliefs or opinions about life he will like whomever supports his beliefs.

Now when a person becomes depressed he will usually need someone to reassure him that he has the right to be depressed and that's what depressing music does exactly.

Depressing music reminds the person of his own beliefs about life, reassure him that he is right and make him feel that he is not the only one who thinks that way. That's why depressed people like depressing music.

Its the same reason why people who are in love like romantic music and those who are happy like to watch funny videos.

We tend to like music when it resonates with our beliefs and if we became depressed then depressing music will certainly resonate with our thoughts.

Why do some non depressed people like depressing music?

So if that's true then how come some people who are not depressed still like depressing music? People like depressing music because they feel good about themselves when they discover that they are not suffering as much as the singer is suffering.

Its the same reason people who have lots of problems in their lives love horror movies. Because they find out that others suffer more than them (in the movie) they feel quite good about themselves.

On the other hand depressing music might be liked by some people because they resonate with some of their beliefs. For example if you think that life is unfair then any song that repeats that belief is directly or indirectly will appeal to you.

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