Why you shouldn't believe everything you read

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why you shouldn't believe everything you read

After making a good research on back pain i came to realize that most people manage to get rid of it within 6 weeks. While researching the internet i came across a forum where a person was asking how long does it take to heal back pain and one of the responses was "14 years if you are lucky!"

For a well informed reader this answer sounds like a joke but for a person who knows little about the issue this might be depressing news! Many people come across certain information on the internet then believe that its true even though it has nothing to do with reality.

Those people consider the information they collected to be solid facts and as a result their lives change according to them! For example, if you believed that it takes 14 years to heal your back then certainly you won't be motivated to do any action that can help it heal and you are very likely to heal in 14 years if you were lucky!

In this article i will tell you Why you shouldn't believe everything you read especially on the internet.

Why most people say nonsense and why you shouldn't believe them

  • Some people have psychological disorders: Some people have psychological disorders that force them to see reality incorrectly. For example a man who always failed to maintain good relationships with women might believe that all women are mean. At this point this man might start to write about how mean women are and when the poor you comes across his posts you might believe him!
  • People are different: Imagine that a very weak man attempted to lift a certain weight off the ground and failed. How do you think that man will describe his experience if he were to write about it? Most probably, if he knew little about psychology, he will say that the weight was very heavy and that it can't be lifted. That statement is completely wrong because the man forgot to mention that he is weak! When you read about a person's experience and you find it negative quickly remind yourself that people are different! The guy who wrote that it takes 14 years to heal a back problem is a pessimist and ill willed person! If you came across a person who writes with the same negative energy simply say it out loud "I am not like you!"
  • Some people have other intentions: Many people have hidden agendas and other intentions that they never announce. Some people might want to put you down just to feel good! Some people might want to make you as lazy as them so that they don't feel different! Some people might want to disappoint you because they were disappointed! I once saw a person commenting negatively on the performance of another one in the gym. The one who received the negative comment felt down and left. When i asked the first person why did you do so he replied saying "i see him exercising everyday, i just wanted him to take it easy". In short, a person tried to put another one down because he was feeling jealous

You are not them!

The first thing you must put in mind when you read disappointing news is that you are not those people! Your fate is greatly determined by the way you decide to deal with your problems. (see How to make life fair to you)

If you became helpless, believed that there is no way out then you will become a helpless person and you will make what you read true. On the other hand if you believed that for every problem there is a possible solution then you will find your way and laugh at the bad news you read earlier.

Each and every person is unique. If 100 persons faced the same exact problem then each of them might get a different result as a result of the different way he will use to solve the problem.

If a helpless person wrote about his personal experience online then this doesn't mean that your problem can't be solved. It only means that you read what a helpless person wrote!

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