How to stop attracting negative people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop attracting negative people

What do you think will happen if you suddenly punched a stranger in his face?
Certainly the person you punched will become very angry and he will express his anger with the way that appeals to him the most.

Now what if you went to the same person and smiled in his face? won't that make him happy or at least wont he respond differently than if you punched him? of course he will respond in a positive way!

So what does these examples have to do with attracting negative people??
Think of the words you say as magnets that will either attract positive or negative people to you.

Negative words are like the punch in the first example. They will only result in a negative response while positive words will always result in a positive response. In order to know how this theory works then read this article and you will know how to stop attracting negative people.

How i attracted negativity and negative people

Exercising is extreemly important for me. In the past five years i dont recall i missed one exercising session unless i was severely ill.

3 weeks ago i got a back injury because i did a tremendous amount of effort in few days. Whenever i met a person i found myself talking in a negative way about my injury.

These negative words i said were just like fuel that was added to the negativity fire inside the people i talked to.

Some people told me "you will never go to the gym again" while Others told me that they had similar injuries and ended up with severe complications.

The title of this post is how to stop attracting negative people but the point that i want to make clear is that there are no negative people but instead each person has a certain negativity channel that will become visible when you match its frequency.

If i talked in a different way to those people i met i won't have attracted their negative thoughts and the conversation would have been positive!

How to avoid negativity and negative people

First of all you must understand that most people will reflect your current emotional state back to you. Try to greet someone while being very cheerful and you will find him responding back with a smile.

Try to talk in a depressed way and you will end up attracting all the negativity people carry inside them.

The mind of each person you know has access to tremendous amounts of negativity and positivity. While the amount of positivity and negativity each person carries will vary from a person to anther still you can decide which part you are going to attract by simply choosing your words!

The problem is not with being with negative people but its with talking in a way that allows them to be negative even if they were positive people.

Moral of the story?
Don't talk about your problems except to a person who is known for his positivity else he will make you feel even worse.

Talk in a negative way and you will attract the negativity inside people.

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