How to deal with negativity and negative people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with negativity and negative people

Life is full of negativity and negative events.
We all know negative people who put us down and we all face negative events that reduces our motivation or even stop some of us completely.

Certainly no one will ever succeed before he can overcome this negativity and that's why i decided to write an article to tell you how to deal with negativity and negative people.

Dealing with negativity and negative people

what is the right way to deal with negativity?
and how can you avoid the bad effect of negative people?

Here is what you should do in order to handle negativity:

  • 1) Do you have a compelling reason to keep going?: Unless you find a compelling reason to keep going, a big dream to fight for or an important unmet need that you must fulfill you wont be able to stand in the face of negativity and you will stop whenever someone puts you down. People who have important goals and big dreams feel down whenever they face negativity but as soon as they remember their dreams they forget all about this negativity and they keep going (see Unmet needs psychology)
  • 2) Charge yourself with positivity: In my previous article How to visualize your goals and dreams i explained how visualizing your goals can motivate you to fight for them and help you forget about all the negative events and the negative people you faced. If you visualized your goals each day for 10 minutes it will be as if you are charging yourself with positivity that can help you overcome the daily negative events you face
  • 3) Most people know nothing: I was once offering a business idea to a friend who refused to take it telling me that all his friends say that its not a good one so i asked him these questions, are all of your friends self made millionaires? are they all driving Ferrari's? are they all dept free? do they even have good jobs? . People feel down whenever they face negative comments without asking themselves a very important question, who is the person who said that negative comment? If that person who said the negative comment was right he should be happy and successful but since most people aren't you should never give any weight to their opinion. Before starting 2knowmyself almost everyone told me that its a bad idea, few years later when it made me a dot com millionaire all of those people changed their minds (See The Ultimate guide to becoming rich) Had i believed any of them i would have been miserable by now.
  • 4) Let negative people and negative events motivate you: Promise yourself that you will prove to the people who put you down that they are wrong. Promise yourself that you won't let rejections stop you. Use the energy of anger that you experienced as a result of facing rejections or criticism to fuel your desire to prove everyone who tried to put you down wrong. (see How to turn rejection into success).

Who are the negative people?

Who are the negative people?
Negative people or the ones who put others down all the time because they are usually:

1) not that successful 2) pessimistic because they failed and never managed to tried again 3) who already feel down 4) who always criticize themselves 5) who aren't satisfied with their lives

Does it make any sense to give up on your dreams just because some of those people or even most of them put you down?

Even if a successful person tried to put you down you shouldn't care about his opinion because most people give opinions about things they know nothing about.

Just see how everyone talks about the economy, politics and other matters and you will understand that human beings by nature love to give opinions about things that they dont understand and they even hate it when you tell them the truth.

In order to face negativity and negative people you need to have a strong faith in yourself and to understand the fact that most people know nothing.

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