How to visualize your goals and dreams

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to visualize your goals and dreams

We all know that visualization is one of the very powerful methods that can help someone become motivated to reach his goals but the important question is, how can someone visualize his goals and dreams properly?

In order for any person to reach his life goals he must have enough motivation to keep perusing them until he reaches them. Because most goals can't be reached overnight people lose motivation along the way as a result of the negativity they face (see How to get past rejection)

Now if you managed to visualize your goals and dreams every day you will make sure that you are always motivated to peruse them and as a result your chance of reaching them will become much higher.

In this article i will tell you how to visualize your goals and dreams so that you can reach them.

This is how to visualize your goals and dreams

This is how to visualize your goals and dreams so that you become more passionate about them:

  • 1) Visualize every single detail: When you visualize a goal or a dream make sure you visualize all possible details. For example lets suppose you are visualizing your future house. Try to move in the house, see how each room looks like, touch some of the furniture and see how it feels like to sit on a certain chair. The more detailed your dream is the more passionate you will become about it
  • 2) Fill your mind with pictures: Lets suppose you want to buy a Ferrari, how are you going to visualize it in details if you never saw it from the inside? in such a case you must search the internet for pictures of Ferrari or even better you can go to the nearest Ferrari dealer, sit inside the car or even take a test drive in order to know how exactly it feels like to drive it. The more intense the emotions you manage to stimulate while visualizing your dream the more motivated you will become to reach your goal.
  • 3) Use music: In my articles about the psychology of music i explained how certain things can help us access certain parts of our brains and one of these things is music. If certain music can help you become more relaxed, motivated or focused then use it while visualizing your goals and dreams. Note that i am referring to music and not songs.
  • 4) Do it everyday: Can a car move without fuel? of course not and the same goes for you. You wont be able to keep yourself motivated unless you keep visualizing your final goals each and everyday. Sit alone in a quite place for about 10 or 20 minutes everyday and visualize your dreams and important goals. After some time you will find yourself extremely motivated to reach your goals (see Motivation and needs)

How visualizing your goals and dreams can help you reach them

One of the great visualization exercises i like to do is to visualize the miserable life i would live if i didn't reach any of my goals first then visualize the amazing life i would live if i reached them. (see How to reach your life goals)

Once you use both positive and negative motivation to visualize your goals and dreams the effectiveness of your visualization will increase so much and you will find yourself extremely eager to do something to reach your goals.

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