Eye Depth in face reading

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Eye depth

In face reading, eye depth refers to how deep the eyes are set in the face. Some people have deep set eyes that are buried between their face bones while others have bulging eyes. By just taking a look at the person’s side view you can easily recognize whether his eyes are deeply set or bulging.

Deep set Eyes

Those with deep set eyes are observers by nature. They like to observe whatever is happening and build conclusions about it. You may be talking to one of them while thinking that he's listening to you when he's actually analyzing your words and testing their validity.

Bulging eyes

Those with bulging eyes are not as calm as those with deep set eyes. They may be very energetic and like taking part in everything that they hear about. Ignore them and they will hate you and probably be very offended and hurt.

Neither bulging nor deeply set

Those with eyes that are neither bulging nor deeply set have a balanced approach when it comes to hearing about something new. They possess qualities that are intermediate between those with bulging eyes and those having deeply set ones.

Combining facial features together

In order to get even better readings you should combine facial features together and look for the resultant behaviour.

For example a person with bulging eyes and large lips may be much more talkative than a person with deeply set eyes and large lips. The large lips in face reading shows that the person is talkative but when combined with another trait such as the preference for watching people from a distance then the desire for talking will be reduced.

If you want to get better results with face readings then you must look at the whole face and not just one facial feature. Of course you can get good results when looking at individual features but in some cases you might be wrong.

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