the enfj personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ENFJ personality Type according to MBTI

The word ENFJ stands for Extrovert intuitive Feeling Judging. The ENFJ is a goal oriented person who can set and achieve goals easily. While the ENFJ focuses on the completion of the task he will still take people's feelings into his consideration when making any decisions.

The ENFJ is an extrovert who loves people and who collects information based his intuition. The following are some of the ENFJ personality traits.

The ENFJ personality Traits according to MBTI

  • the ENFJ takes collects information via his intuition and then take actions based upon his feelings
  • The ENFJ is usually a compassionate person
  • The ENFJ may be an overly sensitive person
  • The ENFJ is a social person who loves being with people and have deep understanding when it comes to social relations
  • The ENFJ may put helping people first before his own self
  • The ENFJ is usually a warm and charming person
  • The ENFJ is usually a creative person

Careers that suit the ENFJ personality

Because of his love of people and his warmth the ENFJ fares very well in jobs that are people oriented. Add to this his creativity and his ability to get the job done and you will discover that its great to have an ENFJ work for you.

Here are some jobs that suits the ENFJ personality:

  • Human resources
  • psychologist
  • marketer
  • sales person
  • teacher

How the ENFJ behaves in relationships

The ENFJ usually develops very successful relationships both with his friends and spouse. The ENFJ is very warm, compassionate, understanding and does his best not to hurt others that's why people like to be around him.

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