the ENTP personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ENTP personality Traits according to MBTI

The word ENTP stands for Extrovert intuitive Thinking Perceiving. The ENTP is an extrovert who enjoys the company of people and who collects information based on his intuition.

While the ENTP uses his intuition to collect information he uses logic and rationality when it comes to making decisions. The ENTP might be a deep thinker and a slow decision maker. Here are some of the ENTP common personality traits.

the ENTP personality Traits according to MBTI

  • The ENTP collects information via intuition then uses logic to take actions
  • The ENTP focuses more on future than on the present moment
  • The ENTP likes to explore and try things himself rather than hear about them
  • The ENTP can be a creative person
  • the ENTP usually understands his environment very well
  • the ENTP is usually not a planner or a goal oriented person
  • the ENTP can in some cases ignore people’s feelings or emotions and so he may hurt them
  • the ENTP is a flexible person
  • the ENTP likes problem solving
  • the ENTP is usually a social person

Careers that suit the ENTP personality

Based on the fact that the ENTP is a social person and that he makes decisions based on logic the following are some jobs that match his personality:

  • Engineer
  • public relations
  • marketer
  • lawyer
  • scientist
  • actor

The ENTP and relationships

The ENTP is a social person who loves people and who is creative. While this can help you create a good atmosphere in a relationship still the challenge he faces is upsetting his relationship partner if she didn't understand that he takes decisions based on Logic.

The ENTP is not goal oriented,he might delay tasks and this sometimes can make him appear irresponsible. If his relationship partner didn't understand this point he might face problems in his relationship.

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