the estj personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The estj personality type according to MBTI

The word ESTJ stands for = extrovert Sensing Thinking Judging. The ESTJ is an extrovert who enjoys the company of people. He collects information based on his senses then takes decisions based on logic and facts.

The ESTJ is a good planner who usually takes charge of the situation and controls his life.

The Estj personality traits according to MBTI

The following are the common personality traits of an ESTJ:

  • The ESTJ is usually a confident person. He knows how to solve problems because of the way he collects information and puts them into practice
  • The ESTJ can be a little aggressive towards people who refuse to accept his ideas
  • The ESTJ is a very practical person
  • ESTJ can be good managers because of their natural leadership abilities. The ESTJ likes to be in charge.
  • the ESTJ is goal oriented person, he rarely leaves a task half completed
  • the ESTJ likes logic and logical judgments, feelings rarely take over his decision making process
  • the ESTJ may be a subject to stress due to his strong commitment to achieving his goals

Careers that suit the Estj

According to the personality type of the ESTJ, the following careers suits him the most:

  • Mangers
  • Leaders
  • Marketing job
  • Sales person

The Estj personality in relationships

The Estj Can be very practical to an extent that annoys his relationship partner. Unless the ESTJ gets in a relationship with a practical person conflicts might arise.

The ESTJ has good planning abilities and this can sometimes help him save his relationship and keep it going.

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