the isfj personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The isfj personality type according to MBTI

the word ISFJ stands for Introvert Sensing Feeling Judging. The ISFJ is an introvert who loves to stay alone even though he enjoys the company of people.

He collects information based on his senses then uses his feelings to take decisions and that's why he is more people oriented than the ISTJ. The ISFJ has good planning abilities and he usually has no problems in setting goals and achieving them.

The isfj personality traits according to MBTI

The following are the common personality traits of the ISFJ:

  • The ISFJ collects information in a logical manner then acts based upon his feelings
  • since the ISFJ depends on feelings for taking actions he is usually seen as a kind person
  • the ISFJ may be a nurturing partner and a protector who protects others from harm
  • Because he is an introvert the ISFJ may be a little reserved person who has few friends
  • the ISFJ is very responsible and Reliable
  • the ISFJ is a hard worker, he will do his best to get the job done
  • the ISFJ may focus on people’s needs and forget about his own needs

Careers that suits the ISFJ

Based on his personality traits those are the careers that suits the ISFJ:

  • Engineer
  • Technician:
  • Human resources job
  • Marketing job

The ISFJ personality type in a relationship

Its better for he ISFJ to be with an introvert like him so they can both enjoy being alone. The ISFJ is kind and passionate that's why its comfortable to be with him in a relationship.

The ISFJ's good planning abilities can help him have a good lasting relationship.

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