the ISFP personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The ISFP personality traits according to MBTI

The word ISFP stands for Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving. The ISFP is an introvert who enjoys being alone more than enjoying being in crowded places.

He collects information based on his senses then takes decisions based on his feelings, that's why he has empathy for others.

The ISFP is not a good planner and many problems can arise because of his attitude towards goal setting.

The ISFP personality type according to MBTI

Those are the most common personality traits of an ISFP:

  • The ISFP is introverted by nature, he tends to be a quit and reserved person who rarely shares his emotions with others except with close people
  • The ISFP is artistic by nature, he appreciates arts and may be an artist
  • The ISFP may need some time alone every now and then in order to arrange the information he collected about the world
  • the ISFP may set very high standards or even become a perfectionist
  • the ISFP may be a sensitive person and this allows him to have more empathy for people
  • Because of the artistic and creative nature of the ISFP he dislikes being bounded by rules or rigid systems (he may dislike accounting but excel in arts)

Careers that suit the ISFP

According to his personality type the following careers suits the ISFP the most:

  • Artistic careers
  • Music composer
  • Nurse

The ISFP personality in relationships

Because of the kindness of the ISFP and the empathy he has towards people he makes a good relationship partner.

His lack of planning abilities might sometimes cause him problems however his kindness usually makes his relationship partner forget about such problems.

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