Face Reading (personology): Ear Position

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology) and Ear Position

What is meant by the ear position in face reading is the position of ears in respect to the head. Some people have most of their heads in front of their ears while others have their heads behind their ears (when observed from the side view).

The person who has most of his head in front of his ears is said to have "forward balance" while the person who has most of his head behind his ears is said to have "backward balance".

In this article i will tell you about the relevance of ear position in face reading.

The relevance of ear position in face reading

  • Forward balance: People with forward balance enjoy being in the center of attention. Their voices may be loud and they care a lot about being noticed. Ignoring a person with forward balance is like killing him.

    If you want to get along with that person then make him feel that he is getting your attention. People with forward balance tend to think more of the future than they think about the past. They may not regret what they did in the past (like people with backward balance) but rather focus on how to change what is to come.

  • Backward balance: On the contrary people with backward balance prefer to be in the rear lines. They rarely seek attention and avoid being in the spotlight. A person with backward balance thinks a lot about the past and may remember bad things that happened to him a long time ago unlike people with forward balance who just care about what's coming. Note that attention seeking behaviour is not always related to lack of self confidence, both persons can learn to be confident with disregard to their forward or backward balance
  • Those who fall in between: Some people neither have a forward balance nor a backward balance but their ears seem to be positioned in the middle of their heads. Those people have a balanced approach towards thinking about the past and towards attention seeking.

Face reading, ear position and personality

As a psychologist i believe that personality traits such as attention seeking behaviour results from childhood experiences.

So if that's the case then how can a person's face determine his personality or a trait such as attention seeking?

In fact, one interesting theory states that our facial features keep changing as our personalities change and that our final face shape determines who we currently are.

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