Face Reading (personology): Eye to Eyebrow Distance

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology): Distance from Eye to Brow:

The eye to eyebrow distance is the vertical distance between the eye and the eyebrows. Some people have their eyebrows almost touching their eyes while others have a noticeable distance between the eye and the eyebrows.

This distance can tell you how fast that person can put a decision into action; that is how fast that person can put his plans or feelings into actions.

Eye to Eyebrow Distance in face reading

Someone with a big distance between eye and eyebrows (The 'wait and see' approach):

Such a person would follow the wait and see approach; he never rushes in things. When he goes shopping for example he may drop by all the shops and might end up not buying anything.

He might then come back few days later to buy. This person would be relatively slow when it comes to socializing. If you're a very social person he might back off a little until he gets used to you. When this person hesitates don't try to push him but just allow him to take his time so that you don’t bother him.

Someone with a small distance or almost no distance (The 'just do it' approach): Such person is the personal favorite of sales people because when he goes shopping he buys on the spot without hesitation.

He may even buy stuff quickly only to discover later that he doesn’t even need them!! This person cannot wait to try something new. If he decided to do something the next day he might not be able to sleep that day because he just can't wait!!

How can both types get along?

People from the second category may know you for just a day or two but act as if they've known you for years. That's why when this type meets people from the first category for the first time things may get pretty uncomfortable.

When both of these types of people meet the guy with small eye to eyebrow distance will always interrupt the other one while speaking and he may even get bored of him because of his slow speed. People with big eye to eyebrow distance should try to be a little faster while talking and making decisions in order to communicate well with guys who have small distance else problems may arise.

The guy with small eye to eyebrow distance may lose his temper fast unlike the other guy(the one with big distance) who is less likely to lose it upon facing the same situation.

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