Knowledge and experience

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Knowledge and experience

Once upon a time three men were lost in a desert. Because of lack of water two of them almost fainted while the third tried to find a way out. The third man started to make a map by drawing the path he took. On his way he found Many holes in the ground, poisoned wells and wild animals.

Luckily he managed to escape and found a place where he can rest and drink. After that he thought of the other two people who where still lost. So he decided to throw the map he has in the air hoping that the wind will take it to their place.

The wind was strong and luckily it carried the map until it reached the other two persons. They were almost certain that another ten minutes without water could kill them. The first one took the map and started to follow it while the other ignored it and started to use his intuition. Ten minutes later only the guy with the map arrived and he was saved while the other one died.

Why did he die? Because time ran out. But why did it run out? because he didn’t want to start where someone else ended. Don’t feel pity for him because you do so too.

reading and documented experience

You might have arrived to this page because you don't like to read. Reading is nothing more than viewing the documented experience of someone else. Why start from the scratch while you could save yourself a lot of time!!

Even if the third person didn’t die, he could have fell in all of the holes and pits on the way until before he arrived.

Why do you want to fall in the same pits that someone else fell in? Why not save some time from your short life?

Suppose you wasted five years to learn something and then found that it was not worthy!! Few hours of reading could have saved you much. Save your time and maximizes your experience, READ!!

Knowledge is power

In this Era we live in knowledge is the tool that can help you reach whatever you want. When the word reading is mentioned many people think of novels or other stuff that might not be interesting to them but what about reading about your interests?

What about reading about how to make someone fall in love with you?
what about reading about ways to make more money?

Knowledge is power. You need to believe in this fact in order to survive in this world.

Knowledge and passion

Many people hate reading because they try to read about things that aren't that interesting to them. Because of peer pressure many people start going for topics that they don't like that much and as a result they give up on them.

If you really want to acquire some knowledge then follow your passion and start reading about the topics that appeal to you the most. In other words, reading can be interesting and you are not obligated to read about something that you don't like.

did that help?

I dont have time to read

Knowledge is power

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