Why Did He Change? I Thought He Loved Me!!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Did He Change? I Thought He Loved Me!!

Ever since the first time I met him i felt that he was attracted to me somehow. Although I wasn’t sure of it, I just felt it. As the days passed he started to show more and more signs that he loved me until I was almost sure of it however i never told him i felt the same.

Suddenly he changed and started to withdraw. I am really feeling bad and want to know why he did so. I want to know if he really loved me or if it was just my imagination.

And if he loves me then why is he pulling back now?

Did He Actually Love Her? Personally I Think He Did

The previous paragraph is describing a frequent occurring event in our life. A guy approaches a girl and shows signs that he loves her then suddenly withdraws. Does this mean that he started to hate her? Of course not. So what happened? Below are the reasons that could explain such actions:

  • Receiving No Response: When someone shows many signs that shows that he is in love without getting any response or similar signs he will start to feel hurt. As a result the person will try to pull back. If you want to know whether this was the reason or not you just have to have enough courage to take a strong step towards that person and then wait for his response. Usually this strong step will encourage him to resume the positive signs again.
  • Feeling that he was so predictable : If the person felt that he was so predictable or if he felt that he took foolish steps without getting a response then he might pull back. In such a case the person might not only pull back but he might even show negative signs hoping to erase the effect of his previous behaviour.
  • Feeling Victorious: Some guys and girls have the habit of pulling back when they feel that the other person had fallen for them. Usually guys do this more than girls. They like the hunting game they play and so the excitement ends when they feel that the other person has fallen for them.
  • Getting Programmed by Friends: Most people tell their close friends about such experiences in order to know their opinion about them. Friends can easily convince a person that the signs he got doesn't have a big significance and so motivate him to pull back.

The Worst that Could Happen

The worst situation that could ever happen is when two love each other yet they both start to withdraw because of doubts. This ends the relationship before it even begins even though both love each other!!!

Know that in many situations (like the above-mentioned ones) the other person could pull back a little before sending more signs. You shouldn’t feel bad when that person pulls back but you just need to keep a record of the positive signs he sends. Once you feel that you were shown enough signs you can collect your courage and tell him about your feelings.

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