Overcoming your jealousy of other people's success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jealousy of other people's achievements

It was a sunny day and you were happy until you met an old college friend of yours. After talking to him for about five minutes you found out that he is now the owner of a small business.

After you left you realized you're not as happy as you were five minutes ago. You even started to feel bad!!

What happened to you? You simply got jealous of your friend's achievement.

Why did you become jealous of his achievements?

Feelings of jealousy of the achievements of others can be triggered by various reasons; however, all of these reasons can be grouped under one of the following categories:

  • Hating the person: When you love someone you will always wish that he succeeds in whatever he is doing, On the other hand, when you hate someone you will feel really bad whenever he achieves anything. This is why you feel really down when an enemy of yours succeed.
  • Feeling that you are under performing: Sometimes jealousy happens because of finding problems with you other than finding problems with the person you are jealous of!! If you felt that you are an under performer and that your friends are ahead of you then you will certainty feel jealous towards them. For example, if you graduated three months ago and didn't find a job yet while most of your friends did then you will feel jealous even if you like them.
  • Lacking Self-confidence: It's hard to find a personal problem or an unwanted emotion that is not caused by lack of self confidence. Indeed, one of the main root causes behind jealousy is lack of self-confidence. In the previous example, if you were 100% sure that you can find a job then you wouldn't have felt that jealous
  • Feeling that someone does not deserve to succeed: Sometimes you may feel jealous of someone because you feel that he does not deserve to succeed. If this is your problem then there is no way out of it except to stick to religion and respect God’s will. if God decided to give someone something then He must have a good reason for doing so even if you can't understand that reason.

Being jealous of your spouse

Some people become jealous of their spouse's success because it makes them feel that their competency is threatened. This usually happens with men who find that their wives are achieving more than them and so they feel threatened.

In my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i described how jealousy can destroy a relationship even if love was present. If you are serious about having a healthy relationship then you should deal with this kind of jealousy before its too late.

How you can overcome this kind of jealousy

As you may have guessed to overcome this type of jealousy you should build your self-confidence and do your best to succeed (2knowmyself does not use useless words to fill pages, read this guide to success) and fix your relation with God. If you do all of the previous things then you will never experience this type of jealousy again.

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