How a below average guy convinced the hottest Woman in town to marry him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do looks really matter?

Do looks really matter?
Can sometime who isn't that attractive win the heart of a very attractive person?
Can someone with average looks still have a chance to be with an extremely attractive person?

I get so many questions from readers who ask me whether its possible to be with someone who is much more attractive than them. Yes looks do matter but the good news is that if you pushed the right buttons then they might not be that important.

We fall in love when people meet most of the items present in our love map. If you managed to push the right buttons by showing a person that you have most of those items then this person might overlook your money, looks, height and anything else that you are concerned about.

This can only happen when you first know how to locate those buttons in order to push them for usually they are neatly hidden from a person who don't have enough knowledge.

How a below average guy convinced the hottest Woman in town to marry him

Because that topic is really important i decided to answer it through a full book in the form of a story which is called Jane's Code. Patrick who is a guy with below average looks, who is short and who isn't rich fell in love with Jane Miller, the town's Diva.

Everyone excepted Jane to marry a celebrity or a rock-star but to their surprise she chose Patrick. This Novel explains what Patrick did exactly in order to Exploit Jane's love map in such a way that she forgot about his looks, height and lack of money.

Jane's Code is the one book that explains in details how can you win the heart of any person with disregard to your financial resources or looks.

Once you know how Patrick Did it you will be able to crack the code of any person you like Just like he cracked Jane's.

Do i have a chance?

Yes you do. No matter who you are and no matter how you like it's all about understanding the person you like very well then pushing the buttons those who are much more resourceful than you will never be able to push.

The book starts by Chapter 1 which is the Wedding of Jane and Patrick then goes back 6 months to show you what Patrick Did exactly from the moment he saw her until he made her fall for him head over heels.

The book is certainly for both men and women for it explains how love works. It's not about telling guys how to attract women but its all about showing you how you can manipulate the mind of a human and make him love you once you understand him very well.

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