How laziness can cause stress

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why stress happens?

Imagine that you have a very important task to complete and that you are totally focused on it. What do you think will happen if your phone kept ringing every few minutes while you are working?

Certainly you are going to get stressed.
There are so many causes for stress but one of the most popular ones is being distracted by anything while you are already focused on something.

Remember the last time you were studying while your mom kept shouting?
Remember the last time you were working while some background noise prevented you from focusing?
Remember the last time you were doing something on your computer while the temperature was very hot?

I am pretty sure you remember how stressful those situations were. The reason stress happened in all of those situation is that your mind was locked on one very important thing while other things strive for your attention.

The connection between laziness and stress

So what's the connection between laziness and stress?
Lets suppose you were lying in your bed while using your mobile phone to do an important thing. Let's also suppose that a lot of noise was coming through the window that you left open.

Now such a setup is very likely to promote stress because both the task you are doing and the background noise will strive for your mental attention.

Now because so many people are lazy to adjust their external environments they are very likely to keep working in such conditions while forgetting that doing some effort for 2 seconds can save them a tremendous amount of stress.

Now you might think that a small amount of stress won't do any damage but in fact stress can be more dangerous than you think. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that prolonged stress can lead to depression.

If each day you do so many things that make you stressed then not only you will start experiencing bad emotions most of the time but you will also be at risk of depression.

What is the best way to reduce stress?

The best way to reduce that type of stress is to go through many life style changes and to drop many of the habits that promote stress.

For example Texting while driving is one of the extremely stressful activities. While your brain is 100% focused on the road a part of your mental resources will be needed for the message you are typing and the result is a tremendous amount of stress.

You might think that such activities don't cause a lot of stress but the truth is that you got too used to stress that you hardly notice it unless it exceeds a certain dangerous threshold.

By making simple life style changes such as fixing the part of your car that makes annoying noise, not Texting while driving or getting over your laziness you can reduce the daily amount of stress you get subjected to by a great extent. Just try to do that for a day or two and once you refrain from such activities you will be able to compare the stress levels you used to experience to the calm state you will be in.

You would be surprised when you find out what those simple changes can do to your overall life quality.

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