How to Become Rich Quick

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Getting Rich Quick, Is it possible?

Whenever I read an article or listen to someone’s opinion about getting rich quick I find the same answer, Getting rich requires lots of hard work and patience. Those people I read their opinion are well known for their wide experience and for their tremendous success with money and that's why i believed them.

Lots of well educated people and lots of successful business men regard the idea of getting rich quick as a popular myth. So is that true? Can’t any body make money quickly? Aren’t there any billionaires below The age of 35?

Unfortunately, it seems that everyone says that it’s not possible to make money quickly even people who already made lots of it. So let’s face the truth, we are talking about something that no one ever did one? Let’s test that belief together.

Meet the Exceptions

Name: Sergey Brin
Age: 34
Net Worth: $18.5 billion
Source: Google

Hmm, well, looks like that guy was an exception to the rule. After all no one can develop another search engine like Google so maybe it was just luck. The rule is still intact. No body can make money quickly.

Name: Daniel Ziff
Age: 35
Net Worth: $3.5 billion
Source: Investments

That guy too became rich quick.
Well, another exception, as we all know, every rule has got its exceptions.

Name: Kenneth Griffin
Age 38
Net Worth: $3.0 billion
Source: investments

Kenneth became a billionaire through investing, Yet another exception. Seems that our rule has got lots of exceptions but anyways the get rich quick mentality is still bad. Kenneth made his money from investing in the stock market.

Name: John Arnold
Age: 33
Net Worth $1.5 billion
Source: Investments

Well, this is really becoming embarrassing but seems like we have got another exception in here. That's another billionaire who is below 35.

Name:David Filo
Age: 41
Net Worth $2.0 billion
Source: Yahoo

Well, Another exception, no comment

Becoming rich Quick is possible!!

I didn’t want to make this article longer but I could have filled it with exceptions. Looks like there are lots of exceptions to that rule and the good news is they are all humans like you!!

Yes am sure of it, although I am not much into anatomy nor genetics but I can still tell from the pictures that the above people belong to the same Species that we belong to!! Yes they are like us, they are human beings!!!

They have got the same Grey organ called the mind, they have got the same number of hands that we got, they eat when they feel Hungary and they drink when they feel thirsty!

Don’t let someone fool you. you can become rich quickly too and you can even become a billionaire before the age of forty because others already did it. Hundreds of them did it so why can’t you do it?

Its not that easy and it doesn’t happen over night but with persistence, hard work, innovation and self discipline you can become rich quickly and you will still have time to enjoy what’s left of your life.

those people are not better than you, they just believed that they could do it and that's why they made it.

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