How to Know if Someone Is Interested in You Through Chatting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to Know if Someone Is Interested in You Through Chatting?

I have already talked about knowing whether someone is interested in you or not by just watching his gestures but I got a question from a reader who asked me if he can conclude the same information through chatting so I decided to write this article as a response to his question.

Signs that Reveal Interest While Chatting

One: When you become interested in someone you will definitely feel like wanting to talk more to him but because of shyness or any other reasons you may not want to let him know that you are that interested in him.

This is where your subconscious mind betrays you by making you type the same words that you were going to type but using more letters. In the example below, instead of saying a normal hello, this person used an extended hello which showed unconscious interest:

Two:The opposite is also true: if you don’t feel like talking to a person your answers will most probably be as short as possible. You will start to use many “No”s and “Yes”s instead of replying with full phrases or words. See this example:

Three: If the person you are chatting with hesitates a lot while writing then this may indicate that you are important to him and that he wants to wisely select each word he is going to type.

Most chatting programs now allow you to spot people who hesitate while writing through indicators like “user Joe is typing a message” now. If you saw this happening several times without actually receiving a message then you can conclude that you are important to this person.

Four: Replying with more than one message is also a sign of interest. For example, if you sent him a “hi” then got a “Heyyyyy” followed by “How are You” and then “haven't seen you in a long time!” then this might be an indicator of interest

Just a Moment!!

Before you go and try this you must be aware of the following fact:

When a person feels happy he may start to use more letters like the “helloooooooo” in the first picture even if he is not interested in you.

On the other hand if the person felt down then he might use short words just like the one in the second picture even if he considered you interesting.

To avoid making these mistakes you should never make a judgment based on one chatting session but instead record more than one and you will come up with a more accurate judgment.

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