How to Know if Someone Is Lying to You: Part II

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Never Be Lied To Again

When my first article about detecting liars became very popular I decided to write part II to demonstrate further techniques that ,if used in conjunction with those in part I, will make your chances of detecting a lie incredibly high.

I strongly recommend being patient until you spot more than three lying signs before you can assume that you are talking to a liar. Depending on one sign only might make you think that everyone is lying! :)

Signs that Show if Someone Is Lying

  • I Want to Hide: A liar will usually have an unconscious desire to hide but since he can't go anywhere this will be reflected in his posture and body movements. A liar will bend his back a little and will try to let his body occupy a smaller area (bending inwards). In this case, his unconscious mind will be thinking that making him smaller might allow him to hide.
  • Giving too much Evidence When Telling the Truth: when someone who is used to lying tells the truth he will probably try to prove that he is honest by using as much evidence as he can because he usually doesn’t consider his honest answer enough

    Here is an example:
    Mom: Joe , did you eat those sweets?
    Joe: of course not, you know I can't eat sweets because my teeth are hurting. You can ask Tom; he'll tell you I didn't. Believe me I haven't been anywhere near them and everyone in the house can confirm this fact.

    The conclusion: Joe wants to say, "Mom, this time is not like all other times; I am not lying this time". :)

  • Body Language:As soon as you change the subject or stop asking about it, a liar's body language may change from the state of being anxious (fingernail biting,fidgeting, sweating and jiggling the contents of pockets) to the state of relaxation (breathing deeply and taking open gestures). See this guide for full body language information).
  • Lack Of Alignment: If the person is telling the truth, his body language and tone of voice will match his spoken words but if this person was lying then there will be a misalignment between them. For example, if someone told you that he is interested in a topic while leaning back in his chair and not tilting his head then this may indicate that he is lying. (Check this article for more information on body language of being interested).
  • Fake Smiles: A true smile will result in the movement of different facial muscles like the cheek muscles and the muscle groups below the eyes. This will result in turn in few wrinkles that appear on the face especially below the eyes. Fake smiles only result in the movement of the muscles around the mouth while other muscles remain in place.
  • Avoiding Direct Answers
    Mom: Joe, did you eat those sweets?
    Joe: Mom, I just came home half an hour ago.
    Mom: Did you eat those sweets???
    Joe: You know I don’t like sweets that much.
  • Sweating If you kept repeating a question over and over a thin film of sweat will form on the liar's face and palms. If the lighting of the room didn't change and the person's face shined a little more then this is an indication of the presence of sweat on his face. If your hands slipped when shaking hands with him then this may be an indication of the presence of sweat on his hands too.
  • Skepticism: People who always lie tend to be more skeptic because they think that everyone is lying too while people who rarely lie easily believe anything because they assume that no one is a liar.

Don’t Lie

After my first article about lying was reviewed in stumbleupon I found many people adding comments like “Wow, now I know how to be a good liar”. Of course this was not my intention when I wrote the article, so please don’t misuse this information.

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