the ESFJ personality Traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ESFJ personality Traits according to MBTI

The word ESFJ stands for Extrovert Sensing Feeling Judging. From the first letter we can conclude that the ESFJ is an extrovert who likes people and social life.

The ESFJ collects information based his senses rather than intuition then makes decisions based on his Feelings. The ESFJ is a doer, he is a goal oriented person who can set plans and follow them.

the ESFJ personality type according to MBTI

Here are some of the personality traits of the ESFJ:

  • the ESFJ collects information and organizes uses logic and then uses his feelings to act upon tem
  • the ESFJ is social by nature and enjoys people’s company
  • the ESFJ usually understand people’s emotions and feelings, the ESFJ is a compassionate person
  • the ESFJ may be an over sensitive person (not always)
  • the ESFJ main focus is to make people surrounding him happy
  • the ESFJ may be much concerned about social approval

Careers that suit the ESFJ personality type

Because the ESFT is a social person who loves people and because feelings are important to him the following jobs types matches his personality:

  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Economist
  • marketer

ESFJ personality traits and relationships

The ESFJ cares about people and does his best to make them happy that's why he usually has successful relationships.

Because the ESFJ is goal directed and compassionate he usually sets the goal of making his relationship partner happy and he usually succeeds in doing it.

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