the estp personality traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ESTP personality type according to MBTI

The word ESTP stands for Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving. The Estp is a social person by nature who loves people but he is a very logical person who likes to analyze everything and understands it in detail.

Because ESTP depends on logic to take actions rather than feelings they might appear cold sometimes or they might seem not to put much weight to people's emotions. ESTPs are actions oriented, they are like military leaders who can get the task done.
The following are the main personality traits for the ESTP.

the ESTP personality traits

  • the ESTP is an extrovert who collects information via his senses then uses logic and reasoning to make decisions
  • The ESTP focuses more on the current moment rather than the future
  • The ESTP is an action oriented person or a doer who gets the task done
  • The ESTP is a risk taker
  • The ESTP is an energetic person
  • The ESTP focuses on practical ideas instead of intuition and loves to deal with solid facts
  • the ESTP is a flexible person to a certain extent but he can be blunt sometimes
  • the ESTP likes to plan and to take actions

Careers that suits the ESTP personality TYPE

According to the ESTP's traits he fits into jobs that both involve dealing with people and technical details , that's the following jobs suits him the most:

  • Marketing
  • sales
  • technical specialist
  • Engineer or manager

The ESTP personality type and relationships

ESTP's can be attractive and charming because of their can do attitude and their assertiveness. On the other hand the fact that they take decisions based on logic can make it hard for feelers, who take decisions based on feelings, to understand them.

An ESTP will usually think of the relationship as another task that must be done properly and that's why many of them succeed in their relationships.

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