the intp personality Traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the INTP personality type according to MBTI

The word Intp stands for Introvert intuitive Thinking Perceiving. The INTP collects information through his intuition then makes decisions based on logic and rationality.

The INTP is a person who charges his energy by staying alone and not by staying with people (unlike extroverts). Below are the common traits for the INTP personality.

INTP personality traits

  • The life of the INTP is based on logic, he analyzes and organizes the information he receives in a logical manner
  • the INTP always tries to figure out how things work and he is interested in technical details
  • the INTP may like to read as he doesn't mind to sit alone
  • the INTP takes decisions based on facts and logic
  • the INTP is introverted by nature, he spends much time in his internal world organizing the facts and building theories
  • The INTP may become an intellect as a result of thinking over the time and analyzing the world
  • The INTP may be an over sensitive person
  • the INTP may be a shy person

Careers that suits the INTP personality type

Because the INTP loves logic and reasoning and because he doesn't mind to work on his own the following jobs suits him the most:

  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • mathematician
  • chemist

INTP personality type and relationships

INTPs don't get along with people easily as they are not as extroverted as other personality types. They usually take their time analyzing the new people they meet until they find someone they can open up with.

Once they feel comfortable around someone they can be great loving partners. The challenge that faces INTPs in relationships is the long duration of the initial phase.

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