Psychology of convincing someone to believe in something

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

every critical comment gets stored in your subconscious mind

Every scene that you see, every word that you hear and everything that happens around you is not discarded but instead it gets stored in your subconscious mind and this includes the critical comments you do received throughout your life.

How to use this information to convince someone

You can use this information to convince someone to believe in your ideas, dream or in yourself. All you will have to do is to say your comment in an assertive way and in a time where the person is highly receptive.

Although this comment may do nothing at the current moment it will get stored in his subconscious mind where it will be recalled later.

Later on, in a different place and in a different situation say a different comment that strengthens the same idea you want to convince him with. It will even be better if you can get someone else to do it for you.

By saying different comments in different situations they will get accumulated in the subconscious mind of that person. These comments will slowly erode his own opposing beliefs about that thing. yes it may not convince him at the moment but it will make him much more ready to get convinced.

Any small event could finish the task

If that person you were trying to convince was alone and if any small event happened to him that put additional weight to your idea then his beliefs may change and he may be convinced with your idea without your intervention.

And even if he didn’t believe in your idea still you reduced his strong resistance and made him reach a sate of confusion where he become much more receptive to your future suggestions.

final words about convincing someone

If you couldn’t convince someone from the first attempt then don’t be sad. Your efforts were not lost but it was stored in his subconscious mind.

The next time you talk to him about the same thing you will be resuming your work. Continue doing that gradually until you succeed in convincing the person with your beliefs.

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