The success story of Jack Ma (

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jack's early life

Jack ma is a Chinese citizen who failed twice to join college. In the third time he barely passed after doing extraordinary preparation effort. He tried to get a job at a restaurant but most of them didn't want him in. He failed to get a job at KFC and so he found no other option but to work as en English teacher who earns 10 British pounds a month (less than 10 dollars).

Before teaching English Ma had to learn it and because he was passionate about it he used to ride his bicycle for 45 minutes each day to reach a nearby hotel where he used to start conversations with tourists and give them free tours in the city (to improve his language)

Jack was unsatisfied with his job so he decided to move to the united states to get a better life. He studied computers and internet and he became passionate about them. He founded the website which allows merchants and companies to trade products online. Within a short period of time Alibaba became one of the largest websites online.

Alibaba was listed in the stock market and its shares were worth 140 billion British pounds. This step alone increased Jack's wealth by 11 billion and he became the richest man in china at that point.

Today Jack's net worth is 21 billion dollars, he was named one of the 25 Most Powerful Businesspeople in Asia and one of the “World’s Best CEOs".

What he has been through

Jack didn't have any money to start a business with. He worked for a very low salary and he barely managed to join the teacher's institute. In addition to that China wasn't a really good place to live or start a business at back then. (see also Dhirubhai Ambani success story)

Jack Ma's resources in his early years weren't much better than yours if they were any better. The man was just passionate about creating a successful business and this is why he followed his dream and realized it.

Now what are the excuses you repeat to yourself everyday?
You don't have enough money?
You don't have good education?
People around you don't encourage you?

Ma had nothing to push him forward but his strong desire to succeed made him the man he is today.

Lessons to learn from Jack Ma's story

  • 1) Its possible !: Its possible to start from scratch and become a billionaire (not just a millionaire). Jack Ma is another example of people who started from below zero and made it to the list of richest people in the world. (see also The ultimate guide to becoming rich)
  • 2) It can be done fast: Its not a rule but it can be done fast. Jack ma achieved success at his late thirties (quite a young age) and he got many of his awards at his early forties.
  • 3) When the dream is big enough facts don't count: Ma was living a tough life, he didn't have the luxury of having a car or a bank account but he proved to the world that resources won't matter if the dream was big enough (see also Believe in yourself to do the impossible)

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