I don't have passion for anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I don't have passion for anything

In many of my previous articles i said that you are more likley to succeed in life if you followed your passion. After all success in life is all about trial and error and without passion it might be very hard to keep trying over and over without getting results.

Because i was passionate about computers when i was a teen i used to spend 10 hours in front of them in a single day. I kept doing mistakes and ruining PC's but i never got bored of fixing them. That's why few years later i started an internet business and it became so successful. (see also my book How i did it)

I get many messages from readers who come across these articles who tell me that they don't have passion for anything. Here is the good news: there is no such a thing as having no passion but instead there are people who didn't know how to find their passion.

Where do passion come from?

Do you know where passion comes from?
It comes from unmet needs and because each person on the planet has unmet needs he must also have passion for many things.

Here is a simple example, Sam always used to be bullied when he was a little child and as a result he developed social anxiety when he became a grown up.

Now when Sam was asked about his passion he said that he has no one but when his friend introduced him to martial arts he became so passionate about it simply because it allowed him to compensate for his old unmet need.

In other words as soon as you understand how to find the hobby, job or sport that can help you fulfill an unmet need you will become passionate about it.

Why do people fail to find their passion

Do you know why so many people believe they don't have passion for anything?
Here are the reasons:

  • 1) They don't know their unmet needs: Lack of self understanding is one of the most popular problems people face. A typical person would rarely think about reading psychology articles or getting more self understanding. When you get to understand your needs perfectly you will easily manage to find hobbies or jobs that suit these needs
  • 2) They are too afraid: Fear can prevent a person from finding his passion. In the example listed above Sam wasn't brave enough to find a soloution for bullying that's why he never thought about martial arts until someone introduced it to him
  • 3) They don't try new things: Even if you lack self understanding you can still find your passion by trying as many things as you can. As soon as you come across a hobby that satisfies your most important needs you will become passionate about it

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