What is adjustment disorder?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is Adjustment disorder?

At some points of our lives we may face amounts of stress that we can't cope with. The loss of a job, the loss of someone close,a recent breakup or any other major change in our life can result in a lot of stress.

Some people adapt quickly to these new changes while others develop symptoms that are similar to depression's symptoms when they face such problems. Those people are said to suffer from adjustment disorder.

People having the adjustment disorder will feel helpless, down, anxious and worried when they face problems. They may have problems falling asleep and their normal functioning may be affected because of the bad mood they are experiencing.

Because the symptoms of adjustment disorder are similar to that of depression it’s sometimes called situational depression. Its actually more close to exogenous depression than endogenous depression because the symptoms can go away as soon as the stressful event ends.

Symptoms of adjustment disorder

below are the Symptoms of adjustment disorder:

•Feeling down
•Avoiding seeing your friends
•Suicidal thoughts
•Feeling desperate and helpless
•Trouble sleeping
•Feeling overwhelmed
•Losing appetite for performing your usual activities

How to treat adjustment disorder?

Fortunately in many cases the adjustment disorder disappears by itself few months after the event. Learning how to deal with life changes and how to handle stress that results from unexpected events will surely act as a protection from adjustment disorder. After all its your inability to deal with stress that lead you to developing the adjustment disorder.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seek help treating adjustment disorder because if it was left without proper treatment you may end up having a severe depression.

The main thing that a therapist will do if you sought his help is helping you find out the cause of your stress and then he will help you to cope with it.

My advice is to learn how to deal with stress and unexpected events whether you have adjustment disorder or not because in both cases this will have a very positive effect on your mental health.

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