What Do Rich People Do Differently?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What Makes Some People Rich?

Have you ever thought about what makes some people so rich and others so poor? Is it a strike of luck? Do they start big depending on a business or money that they have inherited? Or is it because these rich people are more intelligent than others?

The answer to the question is none of these things but we can instantly know the answer if we learn about one of the world's youngest millionaires.

Cameron Johnson

In 1994, when Johnson was only 9 years old, he started his first business from his home in Virginia, designing the invitations for his parents' holiday party. As people liked the invitation cards and asked him to design cards for them, he was able to save up several thousand dollars and at the age of 11, he started an online company that sold greeting cards which he called "Cheers and Tears".

At the age of 12, Johnson offered his younger sister $100 for her collection of 30 brand name stuffed animals. He sold the dolls on eBay and his profits were 10 times the amount he gave his sister. Motivated by his success, he contacted the manufacturer of the stuffed animals and began purchasing large numbers of dolls in order to sell them on eBay and on his Cheers and Tears website.

In less than a year Johnson made $50,000. Instead of thinking that this money was more than he needed at that time, he started planning his next business.

In 1997, Johnson started an online advertising company called Surfingprizes.com. Within 3 years, his company started producing $15,000 revenue per day. And before Johnson could graduate from high school, he became a dot-com millionaire.

In 2007, he wrote a book entitled “You Call the Shots: Succeed Your Way – and Live the Life You Want – with the 19 Essential Secrets of Entrepreneurship” which became an immediate bestseller and a source of inspiration for millions of people. He is also a highly rated motivational speaker.

In his book he asks people why they should work for someone else when they can "call the shots", when they certainly have some resources of their own that can allow them to start a business.

How Did The Young Entrepreneur Do It?

What do you think Johnson did differently to become a millionaire at such a young age?

    1) Working is a source of energy: Most people would say, "I'll wait till I have the energy and the opportunity to start a business." But people like Johnson say, "I'll start the work to get the energy." When you do the most difficult thing on your to-do list, your sense of accomplishment provides you with loads of energy to do other things because when you compare the difficulty of the task that you have done with the easiness of these you still have to do, you get instantly motivated.
  • 2) Go the extra mile: One of the founders of IBM said they had a vision of IBM being a 100 million company when it was still a startup company but they always asked themselves what they needed to do at that moment to behave like a 100 million company even when they were still starting up. In other words, don’t wait for the world to recognize you as a successful entrepreneur to work professionally and efficiently.
    Even when you are far from your goal, you should still work as hard and as conscientiously as you can, pay attention to details, and go the extra mile. Start working now as if you were already as famous as Steve Jobs and all the world is watching you.
  • 3) Profits or quality?: If you stop looking at your profits and instead pay attention to the quality of your products or the service you are providing, your profits will automatically increase.
  • 4) Go slow and not fast: Getting impatient can make you give up on your business if you think you aren't progressing fast enough. But if you hold on to the fact that daily small successes, as small as 1% a day, make up a huge success on the long run, you would never think of giving up.

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