How to charge yourself with positive energy instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to charge yourself with positive energy instantly

Is it possible to get instant motivation?
Is there anything that can be done to charge yourself with positive energy in seconds?
Can a small action dramatically change your mood in a minute?

The short answer to all of these questions is absolutely yes. In this article i will tell you about the "DJ Technique", which was invented by me, that would help you gain instant motivation in few minutes. Before i tell you how the technique works you first need to know few facts about music psychology and motivation.

Motivation, music and psychology

In my previous article The power of negative motivation i explained how visualizing what you really don't want can motivate you to do what you want. For example visualizing yourself becoming a poor homeless person in few years can greatly motivate you to pursue money.

Now when you introduce these negative images to your brain it will start repelling them and it will develop a need for the opposite of these images. If right after visualizing yourself as a loser you visualized yourself as a winner you will get much more motivated since you will be providing your brain with exactly what it needs to see. (see also Motivation and needs)

Now because visualization can sometimes be hard to control due to lack of focus and other distractions i invented a technique where music can be used to achieve those same goals.

Here is how you can do it:

  • 1) Find a ridiculously negative song: First you need to find a negative song that is so negative to be accepted by your mind. If you found a negative romantic song for example your mind might actually absorb the messages in it instead of repelling them but a song that is too negative to be considered logical for your mind will only let your mind repel the beliefs its trying to promote (see also Music for depression)
  • 2) Find a motivating song that really motivates you: Next you need to find a song that really motivates you. This song has to be aligned with your beliefs and must be powerful enough for the technique to succeed. For more information on how to choose the motivating song check the The psychology of music)
  • 3) Mix them!: Run both songs on your PC using both YouTube and an mp3 player but keep the volume too low for the motivating song. As you listen to the loud music of the negative song slowly start to lower its volume while raising the volume of the positive song until the positive song totally takes over. You should at least listen to the negative song for 30 seconds before you begin mixing the songs in order to make sure your mind has already took its time to analyze its words

Why does this technique work?

Negative motivation is so powerful on its own but when its followed by positive motivation right away your mind gets double the motivation dose.

You first begin by letting your mind visualize a future that it doesn't want to see at all then while your mind is at the peak of rejecting these images you provide it with the total opposite or what it exactly wants to see.

Be careful with the choice of the songs since your mind might not like the ones that doesn't resonate with your beliefs. For more see How music affects the brain for more information.

If you chose the songs carefully then this technique will help you get motivated instantly.

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