How to avoid distractions in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to avoid distractions in life

Why do some people get things done and why do others always face distractions?
Why do some people manage to reach their goals and why do others remain where they are?
Are some people lucky enough to live a distraction free life?
Or is there something else going on behind the scenes?

First of all let me explain what kind of distractions i am talking about. I am not talking about background noise or an unexpected visitor because these simple distractions can be dealt with in no time but instead i am talking about complex ones such as not being in the mood, being extreemly busy with your work or not finding enough time to do anything.

Those seem like big distractions right?
So how can you avoid these distractions and achieve your life goals?
Read this post to know what to do about this problem.

How distractions prevent people from reaching their goals

There was once a man who decided to build a new house. Shortly The man discovered that he doesn't have enough skills to build the house and so he decided to quit.

The friends of that man used to make fun of him all day long and as a result he decided to work again on the house. Each night the man saw nightmares that prevented him from sleeping and as a result he used to wake up very late.

Whenever the man used to meet his friends on a certain day he used to tell them that he would have worked on the house that day if he had a good sleep. (see Why can't i sleep at night anymore)

The sleeping problem became a big distraction and prevented the man from ever completing his work but on the other hand he never felt guilty because he believed that it wasn't his fault.

"Had i been sleeping well in the past few month, i would have finished working on the house by now" The man said.

The truth behind distractions

The subconscious mind of that person was facing a tough problem that was caused by two conflicting factors, the friends who always make fun of him because he is not as competent as them and the lack of skills required to build the house.

The right solution any person would have implemented in such a case is learning the missing skills.

Any person?
No there is one word missing.

The right solution any brave person have would have implemented in such a case is learning the missing skills.

People who prefer to live in their comfort zones usually take u-turns instead of facing their problems directly and this is exactly what the subconscious mind of that person did.

It distracted him on purpose!! (see The psychology of self deception).

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many of the distractions we face in life are actually solid plans made by our subconscious minds in order to help us feel good about ourselves!

How to get over life distractions?

The answer is simple, become brave!

Once you choose to be brave your subconscious mind will never consider escapement to be one of the available options. All of a sudden you will find that you are able to sleep well, that you have much more time, that you have much more energy and that you are in the mood.

Not because these problems will disappear on their own but because they were not there at all!

They were just distractions used by your mind to help you feel good about yourself.

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