You lack motivation because you are afraid

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people lack motivation

In my previous articles i covered the many reasons that could lead to loss of motivation such as loss of hope, the absence of a real need, depression and many more.

But why would a person who is in real need of success find himself completely unmotivated? Why would a person waste time and avoid hard work even though he is in real need of improving his life?

Do you know that not wanting to get motivated can be the main reason you are not motivated right now?

Sounds weird right? Then read this post to understand how fear is connected to loss of motivation.

Fear and lack of motivation

  • 1) Fear of testing your self worth: What will happen if a person found himself motivated? He will certainly start working hard and as a result put his skills and self worth to test. Because some people are too afraid to go through such a test and in the same time feel embarrassed to admit such a fact their brains come up with a brilliant solution, it prevents them from getting motivated and so they escape both the test and the embarrassment!
  • 2) Fear of taking the responsibility: Failure feels bad and no one wants to fail but for many people believing that they failed because of a factor that is out of their hands is much better than believing that they failed because of a mistake they did. This concept is the main reason why people believe in luck, that life is unfair or even in superstitions. Some people are too afraid to carry the responsibility and as a result they hardly get motivated. After all, the day they find themselves motivated is the the same day they must admit that they are responsible for their lives
  • 3) Fear of the unknown: If everything remained as it is then most probably you wont find any unpleasant surprises. Remaining in the bottom has the advantage of preventing people from encountering more losses and for that reason some people just prefer to stay in the bottom. Again the subconscious mind comes into play and prevents those people from getting motivated just not to expose them to their fears

Why courage is a prerequisite for motivation

Most people are not aware of the inner works of their minds. They see something and believe that it was something else, they experience an emotion then attribute it to another reason and they encounter events then interpret them according to their own belief system.(see also How people distort their beliefs)

If you don't quite understand how your mind works you will interpret your emotions incorrectly and as a result fail to get rid of the unwanted ones. (see Getting over bad emotions).

Lacking motivation might be a part of your reality but being afraid to get motivated might be the missing part of the full picture.

Are you afraid to take a step?
Are you afraid to take the responsibility?
Does your mind have a hidden agenda that motivates it to keep you unmotivated?

Unless you decide that you are going to be brave in the face of life problems and unless you decide that you will have courage you might not feel truly motivated.

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