Never lose hope in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Never lose hope in life

This is why you should never lose hope in life (Its a true story)

For 30 years Egyptians have been living in very bad conditions. There was no democracy, people lived in poverty and corruption was everywhere. Many people lost hope in life and were only alive because their religious beliefs prevented them from committing suicide.

On January 2011 one person who had lost hope in life decided to commit suicide by burning himself in public. The man successfully did it and died.

Few days later Egyptians decided to make a revolution and within few days millions were in the streets. Within 18 days the government was changed, the president was forced to resign and hope was restored to all Egyptians.

Egyptians became happy but the guy who lost hope in life and committed suicide never lived to see that day!!

This is why you should never lose hope in life

This guy lived with lost hope for 30 years but in his last days he lost hope completely in life. Had this guy been patient for just 4 days he would have seen the start of the revolution.

Sometimes we give up right before we are about to be victorious just like this guy did. Sometimes we only need to keep standing for few more days before our lives can change to the better.

This is why you should never lose in hope in life!!
How many times have you started something then gave up in the middle without continuing it? What if you were few steps away from reaching your goals? What if you were few days away from getting what you want?

What if you lost hope in life and committed suicide then few days later everything changed!!

How to never lose hope in life

Bamboo trees are difficult to grow. Not because they require extra consideration but because you have to water them for years without seeing any results. In the first few years a bamboo tree grows few centimeters above the ground then in the fourth year it shoots up exceeding the height of all other trees.

What if you lost hope in life few days before your bamboo tree grows? You will stop watering it and it will die!!

In order to reach what you want in life you have to be patient and persistent. Never give up and never lose hope in life in order to get what you want.

And whenever you feel that you are losing hope in life
remember the guy who burned himself
and the bamboo tree that died.

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