How to prevent someone from killing themselves

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to prevent someone from killing themselves

How to prevent someone from killing themselves? and what to do if a best friend or a close person is about to commit suicide?

In order to prevent a suicide attempt you must first understand the reasons that are motivating the person to commit suicide. In my previous article Why do people kill themselves i said that suicidal thoughts provide an escapement method to someone who is trying to protect his ego or to feel good after he has lost hope in fulfilling a very important desire.

You wont be able to prevent someone from killing themselves before you get a deeper understating of the drives that are pushing him in that direction.

Preventing someone from killing themselves

The mistake most people make when trying to prevent someone from killing themselves is thinking that isolating the person from the sharp objects he can use to kill himself can prevent him from committing suicide while in fact that's not enough.

Of course doing this would make the person less likely to kill himself but still his drive to commit suicide won't be tamed and sooner or later he might think of another creative way to kill himself.

Lets suppose that a teen who was neglected as a child and who was in intense need of attention faced rejections from his peers in school. If that kid thought about committing suicide as a result then unless his psychological pain is addressed committing suicide will always be an option.

His parents might lock him up or prevent him from getting near the objects he can use to kill himself but sooner or later when his psychological pain grows he will think of suicide once again.

In short, if you want to prevent someone from killing himself then you must understand his psychological pain and work on helping him cope with it.

People kill themselves when committing suicide is an option

If your religious background condemns suicide then it would be very useful to make the person who wants to commit suicide aware of the consequences of his actions.

This will certainly help because people only think about killing themselves when committing suicide is an acceptable option. Here in the middle east where religious beliefs condemns killing ones self suicidal rates are almost non existent!!

The other factor that can help reduce suicidal thoughts is teaching the child from the beginning how to cope with life problems, how to not be helpless and how to keep going even if hope is lost.

The more the person is equipped with such skills the less likely he is going to think about killing himself whenever things go bad.

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