How people escape from reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How people escape from reality

The human mind is an extraordinary device. Just as it can help you solve your life problems it can also backfire against you and ruin your life if you used it incorrectly.

Sam was an ambitious boy who wanted to become a famous singer. During his teen hood he kept practicing singing for 3 hours each day without ever feeling bored. Each day his dream of becoming a famous singer became bigger until his talent was rejected by the people who had the power to make him famous.

Sam realized that his dream was lost but it was so hard for his mind to admit that fact. Because of the embarrassing situation Sam's mind was facing it had to help him find a way to feel good and this is where it came with a brilliant yet really dangerous plan.

Sam suddenly found himself interested in spirituality for a reason that he didn't understand. Soon he started becoming attached to beliefs such as: real happiness can be found in mediation, achievements in the material world can bring no real happiness and there is no meaning in striving for something in the external world if everything can be fixed through the inner world.

Self deception and lack of courage

Sam went on with his life but after some time he felt depressed for no reason. He was sure that he picked the right track when he decided to give up on singing and to hold on to spirituality but he was wrong.

The way we experience life events during our early years permanently modifies our brains and determines the things that can make us happy (In Sam's case these things were music and fame)

Because Sam wasn't brave enough to face his failures and to keep going he chose to escape by denying his deepest needs and claiming that he is more attached to spirituality than music.

In other words, Sam was a coward and that's why he managed to escape from the blame using that very intelligent plan.

Don't get me wrong, spirituality is a good thing but if its main goal is to distract you from your real needs and wants then its just an escape attempt and not a real passion.

How cowards escape

  • 1) They claim that happiness can be found somewhere else: If you want to be famous then nothing can make you as happy as fame can. If you want to be rich then all the fixes in the world won't make you as happy as you will be if you became rich. If you found yourself seeking happiness somewhere else other than your deepest passions and desires then know that you might be escaping
  • 2) They claim that other things are more important than their passion: A boy who was destined to be the world champion in tennis gave up on this sport because he failed many times. He claimed that his career was much more important than the sport he loves and so he gave up on it. While he was destined to be a happy world champion he became a miserable employee who claims that he is happy
  • 3) They claim that they lost interest: The human mind is more brilliant than you can imagine. It won't just let you claim that you lost interest in something you failed to get but it will actually let you lose partial interest in it. Because the experience will appear so real many people will believe the lie and give up on their real dreams.

The road to happiness (The real one)

Are you really happy?
No, don't lie to yourself, are you really happy?
If you are not then why aren't you pursing your real dreams?

It needs a lot of courage to admit that you were lying to yourself for days or even years. This life was designed in such a way that brave people get it all and cowards get all the misery in the world.

Yes you might face horrible setbacks on your way to realizing your dreams but when you do so you will experience the real happiness you were always after.

You have the option to be another desperate Sam or a happy, confident and successful person who got what he wanted in life.

Whom do you want to be like?

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