Understanding Anxiety and depression from a different angle

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Understanding Anxiety and depression from a different angle

Why do people get depressed?
And why do they sometimes feel anxious?

In my previous articles the best treatment for depression and What causes anxiety i Said that both anxiety and depression are signals that your mind uses in order to motivate you to peruse certain goals.

In this article i am going to explore both emotions from a different angle that will help you understand those emotions in a better way.

Your emotions serve your identity

A psychological identity is the way a person sees himself or its the way a person wants others to see him like. Lets suppose that a guy wanted to be a player and to be perceived as a player.

In such a case his emotions will work on serving this identity. The more that person moves towards this identity he is attracted to the more positive emotions he will experience. On the other hand the more a person walks away from that identity the more will he experience unwanted emotions such as depression and anxiety. (see also Were do emotions come from)

If that player believed that his looks was the main reason he attracts women then he will feel extremely anxious if he started getting Acne or if any illness threatened to change his appearance.

In such a case that guy felt anxious because his main identity was threatened. This can also explains why do certain people become obsessed with certain things that others find trivial.

For example, A person who sees himself as the computer Guru might not give much attention to this Acne problem. While this problem can bother him still it wont affect him that much because it doesn't threaten his main identity.

Understanding Depression

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression is an emotion that a person experiences when he believes that he has lost the connection to his main identity forever. If the guy in the previous example had to be isolated because of the nature of his new job then certainly he will become depressed.

Depression in this case was no more than the expression of the feeling of being discontented from the identity he is attached to.

The conclusion we can make from all of these facts is that you wont be able to get rid of bad emotions such as a depression and anxiety before you get a perfect understanding of your self.

Once you understand yourself perfectly you will know exactly how to get rid of unwanted emotions.

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