Tips to live a happier life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips to live a happier life

How can a person live a happier life?
Are there certain tips that someone can follow to experience more happiness?

Before i can tell you how to live a happier life let me tell you about the story of Justin.

Justin was a very shy person and as a result he couldn't have a good social life. Whenever Justin saw confident people around him talking to strangers he felt bad. Whenever he saw people getting to know each other he felt bad as well.

Even while watching movies on his own he saw scenes that reminded him of his weaknesses.

The first tip you must understand if you want to live a happier life is that all events that reminds us of our weaknesses or of the things that we dislike about ourselves can make our life unhappy.

Important tip for living a happier life

Justin had only one problem which was his shyness but what if he had four different problems? how would have his life been like? Certainly every few moments he would have encountered something that made him feel bad.

That's another tip you should put in mind if you want to live a happier life. The more unsolved problems you have the more likely will your life be unhappy.

Justin's story didn't end at this point. One day he decided to get over his shyness. He kept trying for months while consulting experts and he managed to do it in the end.

Nowadays whenever Justin sees one of the things that used to make him feel unhappy he felt really good.

Whenever Justin saw a confident person talking to a stranger he recalled the fact that he managed to get over his shyness and so he felt good. (see Starting conversations with strangers)

Justin lived a happier life as a result of this transition he has been through.

More tips for living a happier life

Now what if Justin never tried to solve his problem? Would he have managed to live a happier life? Certainly that might not have happened.

I understand that you might be facing big problems right now and i understand that your life might not be easy however the important tip you must keep in mind is that you can live a happier life once you start dealing with the issues that are bothering you.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that Whenever you solve an important life problem a large number of bad memories will turn into good memories just like what happened with Justin.

On the other hand if you allowed these problems to accumulate then you will end up with a miserable life where every single situation you go through reminds you of something that makes you unhappy.

If i were to summarize this article into one line i would have said that the best tip to live a happier life is to start solving your life problems.

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