How can i have courage

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can i have courage

What is real courage?
And how can someone have courage?

Is courage the ability to sleep alone in a haunted house?
Is courage the ability to face a wild animal without running?
Is courage the ability to stand up in the face of a bully?

Of course all of the previous lines describe acts of courage however the courage i am talking about in this article is a much bigger and wider concept of courage.

The courage i am going to talk about now is the ability to face life.
If you are wondering how you can have courage then read this post.

Stories of people who don't have courage

  • Courage and limiting beliefs Steve always wanted to be rich but he never dared to try to achieve his goal. After some time Steve started to feel really bad because of not being able to peruse his goal. Steve thought about the possible solutions but didn't dare to do any of them and instead he preferred a completely different solution. He started to convince himself that all rich people are thieves and that he would never do like them in order to become rich. Steve lacked courage and because of that he decided to create a false belief and to believe in it (see Overcoming limiting financial beliefs)
  • Courage and shyness: Sam always wanted to have a great social life but deep inside him he felt that he is worthless. Because it was really hard to bring this feeling to the surface and because Sam lacked courage he decided to pull back. These days Sam is socially withdrawn, he spends hours on the internet each day and he rarely leaves home. Do you know why Sam didn't manage to face his problems and get rid of his shyness? Its because he lacks courage.
  • Courage and giving up: Beth was so tired of the pain she experiences each time she fails and as a result she decided to stop trying. Beth lacked courage and that's why she couldn't face the bad emotions associated with failure

This is how you can have courage

If you want to have courage and if you want to become really brave then you must understand that escaping to the useless side of life is the one thing that can ruin your courage.

Some people do their best to rise up because they are brave while others criticize people and put them down in order to feel good about themselves. The second group of people certainly lacks courage and they are only trying to push people down because they can't push themselves up.

The same goes for the person who gives up, who tries to forget about his dreams or who doesn't even have dreams.

If you want to have courage then you need to fight for what you believe in
If you want to have courage then you need to put your dreams in front of your eyes all the time

If you want to have courage then you need to face life bravely.
This is the real definition of courage.

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