The Secret to getting what you want in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What's the secret?

Is there some kind of secret that can help you get what you want in life?
Is there some kind of a secret formula that can enable you to realize your dreams if you followed it?

The short answer is: Yes there is a secret that almost guarantees that you will get what you want in life if you applied it.

So if things are that clear then why don't most people get what they want in life?
Simply because those people either don't know about that secret or they either hate to make the required effort.

The Secret to getting what you want in life

In 2006 i started that site hoping to make money online but lots of unexpected events happened. These events didn't just slow me down but they were about to force me to give up on my dream.

Here is what happened to me starting from 2006:

- My First Google Adsense application was rejected
- The two people who used to work with me gave up on the idea and left me stuck alone
- Wikipedia Banned my site and this resulted in a big traffic decrease overnight

- All my Friends used to make fun of the idea of making money online
- All the people who barely knew me said that i am a loser
- Google applied a penalty on my website's ranking

- I lost 80% of my life time savings in the stock market (this was the worst setback)
- Our hosting provider, at that time, had a hard disk failure and we lost some of the site's data
- I had to work for 14 hours a day to be able to both run the site and keep my day job

- The site had a technical problem that couldn't be resolved and i was about to shut it down
- For one complete year the site didn't make except few dollars per month and i was about to give up
- My family kept warning me that i will lose my career

- I was forced to resign from my day job because of the hours i spent on the site
- Another technical problem happened and the website was about to be de-indexed from Google
- I deleted my newsletter subscribers by mistake (yes all of them)

- I started two businesses but had to quit them for different reasons
- i Started 8 different websites, 7 failed completely.

How it felt like

I will excuse you if you believed that those moments weren't that hard. After all you read about these events in a minute but let me tell you that each one of them was like hell to me.

Imagine living under the threat of losing your dreams. Imagine watching your dreams falling apart and tearing down to pieces each day.

In some of those days i had to take antidepressants to get out of bed.
In other days i had to take relaxing pills in order to be able to sleep.
and In some other days i couldn't even sleep.

What happened in the end

As of august 2010 i became a dot com millionaire after i sold 1,000,000 worth of products and services on (see my book How i did it)

Yes, i have been through all of these troubles but i managed to rise again and make my dream come true.

Do you know what's the secret to getting what you want in life?
Its deciding that you will fight to the end until you make your dreams come true.
Its Not giving up no matter what.
And its trying and trying until you get what you want.

Below is my status update on Facebook in August 2010, Full stop.

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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