I feel like everything is against me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Have you ever felt that everything is against you?

I am sure you felt, at least once in your life, that everything is against you. I know how such moments feel when you realize that no one is supporting you and that everyone is putting you down.

During these moments, the majority of people feel like wanting to give up. A large number of them actually give up and never manage to try again.

But the question those people should have asked themselves is, didn't successful people face the same kind of rejection?

Didn't each successful person go through a time where everything was against him?
Oscar Pistorius has the answer to that question.

Oscar Pistorius knows the secret to success

Yesterday Oscar Pistorius the south African athlete who joined 2012 Olympics qualified for the semi finals of the 400 meters.

This might seem like an ordinary piece of news until you know that Oscar is an amputee who has no legs!

When he was a little baby Oscar lost his both legs and had to walk using artificial limbs. This disability didn't stop him and he went on playing tennis and rugby!

After a serious knee injury he decided to give up on rugby.
Now lets pause for a second and get back to you.

Do you still believe that the whole world is against you? If Oscar sent me a message telling me that ,during the day he got the knee injury, i would have believed him but what kind of obstacles are you facing today in order to say that everything is against you?

This injury didn't stop Oscar but he just decided to be flexible and to become a runner. Oscar became a famous runner not only because of his iron will but because of the records he made. (see How to do miracles in life)

Today, Oscar has proved that no force on earth could stop a man who has an iron will. Oscar is one of the fastest runners in the world yet he has no legs! (See How to do the impossible in life).

How to get whatever you want in life

Some people make money while others make excuses.
Some people break records while others break under the pressure of life problems
Some people become successful while others become miserable.

The difference between any of those two groups is the desire to succeed under all costs. When i lost all my money in the stock market years ago i could have said that everything is against me and everyone would have believed me.

But i refused to give up and i became a dot com millionaire after years of hard work on my online business. (see my book how i did it)

If you were to race with Oscar today he will certainly win! you have two legs and he doesn't have any but he will win because he has an iron will.

If there is any message i want to deliver to you today it would be: You have no excuses.

I know that life is tough, i know that many things are currently against you but i also know that if you persisted, became flexible and refused to admit defeat you will become successful one day.

Life is fair, but it only treats people fairly when they show determination. (see Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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