How to do the impossible in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to do the impossible in life

Can someone do the impossible?
Is it possible that you do the things that seem impossible to you right now?
What if you lack a lot of resources, can you still do impossible things?

Yes you can. In this article i will tell you how to do the impossible in life.

Can someone do the impossible in life?

Joe was a shy and introverted person. Talking to strangers for him was an impossible thing.

Joe was very ambitious. He didn't just want to talk to strangers but he wanted to be able to give motivational speeches in front of hundreds of people.

Even though he believed that its impossible he decided to give it a try. Within few days he managed to convince some of his friends to listen to his first speech but when he started talking he lost his breath, forget about everything he studied and even decided not to give the speech.

Joe was right about believing that this task was impossible and that's why he didn't attempt to do it again.

Why do we fail to do the impossible in life?

Do you know why Joe failed to do the impossible? Its because of his short term thinking.
Today and with the resources available to him its almost impossible that he delivers a speech in front of others but if he followed a long term plan then within one or two years his dream can be quite possible. (see How to reach your goals in life)

This is why people fail to do the impossible in life:

  • They cry when they find a missing resource: Joe and the people like him have a false assumption about life. They believe that they should have all the resources they need at any point of time or else they quit their tasks. In fact Joe lacked many skills that he must have acquired first before attempting to give this speech. If he acquired these skills then the impossible would have became much possible. In short, if something is impossible for you now then you might be right but still you can make is possible by learning the skills that you lack
  • Short term thinking: Joe wanted to do the impossible in one week!! Life is not that simple especially if your goals were big or if you were after doing the impossible. What is impossible on the short term might be quite possible on the long term. Few years ago it was impossible that i become a dot com millionaire with the 4 dollars i was making per day from my website. 3 years ago it become possible because i was making a large amount of money per month. 2 years ago it became even more possible because my income was growing fast and last year i did it!! In 2010 i became a dot com millionaire. On the short term that was an impossible life goal but on the long term it become quite possible
  • They don't believe in themselves: "I don't know what are we going to be selling 10 years from now but all i know is that we are going to be selling more of it than anyone else" The founder of MacDonalds. The man understood that what's impossible now is quite possible on the long term and because he believed in himself he did it

This is how you can do the impossible in life

Whenever you believe that something is impossible then know that you might be right given your current resources but this doesn't mean that you can't set a long term plan that allows you to collect these resources over time and so end up making the impossible possible.

Yes you can do the impossible in life provided that you avoid the previous mistakes and understand how life works.

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