The worst rejection possible

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The worst rejection possible

You might be wondering what's the worst rejection that could possibly happen to a person?

Is it a career related rejection? Is it a relationship related rejection?

Is it the kind of rejection that comes from close people? Or could it be the type of rejection that comes from the person that you love?

No its none of the previous. The worst type of rejection ever is the one that comes from within!

When rejection comes from within

Justin was a brilliant person. He always wanted to be a successful music composer but as usual people started to put him down.

His friends used to tell him that he is not that talented and that he should have picked another career. Because Justin loved music so much he decided to keep going with disregard to their discouraging comments.

These rejections didn't stop him at all but on the contrary they encouraged him to keep going. As the time passed and as Justin found himself not getting close to his important goals he received the worst rejection ever.

It was a rejection coming from his own mind which started to believe that success is not possible. At this point Justin started practicing with less enthusiasm until one day he stopped and gave up on his dream.

How to be successful in life

All the rejection in the world can never ever stop you unless you start acknowledging them. Just like Justin there was another enthusiast who loved to compose music and who was also told that he is not talented as well.

That other guy received similar rejections from everyone but there was one great difference about him; he never rejected himself and he never told himself that he will never make it.

That other guy became Beethoven!
Yes Beethoven was rejected by many of the people surrounding him including his music teacher but he kept going because he believed in himself. (see How to handle rejection)

How can such rejections stop you

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that When you don't acknowledge rejections they won't have any effect on you but when you start believing in them they will shortly turn into false beliefs and will eventually stop you.

The subconscious mind gets programmed by repetition, this means that people who reject you can program you to believe them, however, this only happens when you don't filter their words and decide to accept them as facts.

If the whole world rejection you but you believed in yourself then you will certainly reach your goals, however, if the whole world tried to push you forward while you believed that you won't make it then you will never make it.

The worst rejection ever you can experience is when you tell yourself that you can't reach your goals. Its the rejection that comes from within!

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